In just a few days, my twin sister and I will celebrate our 63rd birthday. If you wish to send a card, the date is November 16. :-))

As I approach my date of birth, I am always more pensive than usual.  I am never morbid about it. I am always flooded with thoughts of gratitude to Papa God for another year of life. I also look back and ask myself questions such as, “What good have I done in the earth in the last year?” “Who is better off because I live?” “If this were to be my last year on earth, would anyone care?”.

I now have more years behind me than ahead of me. That need not be a depressing thought. Rather, it should motivate me toward a productive, influential life. For the past three weeks, I have been preaching a series of sermons on stewardship. In some traditions that word only refers to money. However, stewardship is a lifestyle marked by giving. We give our hours in volunteer service. We give our skills, talents and gifts in specific areas, to serve other and to build up the Church. We give our dollars, not begrudgingly but gladly, to support the work of the Church.

As the pre-birthday assessment continues, I ask Richard Allen Farmer, “Are you a good steward?”

Hey, when’s your birthday?

Glad the tomb is empty,

Richard Allen Farmer