is a website whose tag line is, “The future of states and localities”.

On that site I read an article that addressed the upscale Atlanta neighborhood called Buckhead. This northern swanky area has a population of approximately 78,000.

Its stores are luxurious as are its many mini-neighborhoods. Some have called Buckhead the Beverly Hills of the South. Buckhead was at one time a separate municipality. It attached itself to Atlanta in 1952. Discussions are now being had about Buckhead’s return to independence. Secession from Atlanta? Can this really be? If Buckhead leaves Atlanta, Atlanta will suffer. Buckhead makes up less than 20% of the city of Atlanta’s population. Yet, Buckhead pays 47% of Atlanta’s property taxes and 38% of Atlanta’s total city revenue. Atlanta would miss Buckhead if they left.

Often, there are very practical reasons for our doing what we do. Discussions of secession are not impulsive. They have to do with what is best for a group of homeowners, investors, business owners and other stakeholders.

Some have suggested that what drives these talks is race. Others have said the dominant factor in the secession discussion is crime. The high-end Lenox Square shopping mall is now a place where urban thugs are at home and the sound of gunfire is not rare.

Let us pray for our city.

Glad the tomb is empty,

Pastor Farmer